Monday, 29 August 2011

Brand new Agenda

Hello Folks

As you all might know the school period just started! oh yes in Paris all the mother and kids are everywhere... but is kind of nice cause you feel the energy and is contagious, so my I went with the hub to buy some books, colors, tapes and paper..
Ohhh no I'm not in school but I just need so many things to craft.. =D I can spend hours!

Looking around for some random useful stuff I saw the agenda. Oh yes I like to have one, since I've learned how to use it properly I can say I feel more organised.. maybe BS but I like to think it that way LOL
With the imminent departure of the Hubs during 6 big months I thought I have to  keep my head and hands busy so I've tracked down some DIY
 For those who are interested in jewerly or decoraton stuff you should check out HonestlyWTF they have great tutorials for amazing ^fashion styles.

I will get busy with the friendship bracelets cause is summer in Paris and colors are my gulty pleasure.
By the way, Im redoing my blog little by little, so get ready cause soon you sill see my new corner... I'm so excited.

Au revoir les amies!!

Monday, 22 August 2011


Bonjour mes chères amies parissiennes!

Sorry sorry, Good morning all my beloved friends from all around the world. Is fantastic how the Web can take your words anywhere.

Last week I was pretty decided to learn the HTML code so I dug and dug and Voilà....
I've found a great website and super cute! I was so happy to see that someone tooked the time to share her knowledge and engage herself to help the beginners like me!
 So, I'm happy to present you Pugly Pixel. Her name is Katrina and let me tell you something I love her style but above all I've found so great her video tutorials. Everything is well explained and fun to do.
So go and check out her website and blog (lovely photos)

What I loved the most about her site is that she encourage you to try out the HTML and to really understand it. Simple everyday examples is her greatest weapon! Practical, easy and Fun! What else we can expect.

I started to take her online e-course for beginners and Im determinate to achieve the goal!! I must climb that HILL!

In the meantime my friends I'll keep you posted about my progress!


<3 Shabby

PS/How cute could this be!

Tuesday, 16 August 2011

I must climb up the hill

Hello there =D

Firstable i must say, I must to climb this hill!! The BLOG hill of course!
So it starts with the fact I'm taking some3D vectorial classes.. yes I know, sounds very complicated but I must to admit I'm fascinated with the Idea. Yesterday was a kinda holliday in France so my teacher called me to see if I wanted to come over and buy some extra time. I was so excited that I said yes!

My hubs was cool with it and even made me like a lunch bag with some french fantastic cheese called Cantal and some cereal traditional bread from Bretagne! Mmmmm I must say it was a dreamed lunch.
So I'm doing some progress with the design and I'm not that bad with the code stuff, so I was thinking to create my own blog layout... ALL OF IT

I already did mu blog header wich I'm very proud of but is the construction of my layout that makes me curious.. so im doing some research to figure it out! I'll keep you posted.

Changing the subject I've found "The Perfect Palette blog" is fantastic, I think she had the courage to develop an idea that for me was only a way to see things. Im a color dreamer, cause for me life looks better dresser in color and what's better than being dressed with the perfect color palette. So dear friends if you have the time go and check her website.

In the meantime my friends I'll keep trying to climb up this whole BLOG hill till I learn how to realise my dreams.

See you soon! bx

Sunday, 14 August 2011

Keeping my promise!

Helloooo! =D

Is not easy but I'm Trying!! I really do.. I want my blog to be great!! yes, I want it and I will do it!
This past week was all rushed but I feel good, tired but good. 
As you all saw I did my brand new blog header and the feeling was amazing cause is the 1st time I finally reach the point I wanted.

It tooked me 2 days and im very proud. 
As I was very inspired I continued to design some stuff. Included a logo for a customer and a Poster for my Hub!! He wanted something rusty, vintage and fun so I came up with something and I think is kinda cool in that weird way!

I haven't told you about it but checking out my FB page I saw a post about a site called Pinterest so I stopped by to take a look and ohh Boy I love it!! Inmediately asked for an invitation and start seeing peoples work.. Its fantastic, color palletes, food, graphic desing, recepies, fashion, DIYs and more!
Go and check it out cause it totally worth it.
This is how it works: You ask an invitation, and after you have like Boards where you can PIN (tag) a photo from something that inspire you, and you came up with this source of infinite information/photos/colors.. Wonderful!
You have access to the author of the work and also you can Like it or repinned!

For most of u guys maybe this site is already a reference but be kind with me Im just starting with this huge blogsphere!

You have another tips or websites I can visit? Hit me.. leave me a comment or send me a message! I with my magnetoscope in hand and with plenty curiosity bag in my back!

As we say in French: Je suis à la découverte!

Au revoir les amis!

Bye bye,

PS/ hereunder the poster i made!

Thursday, 11 August 2011

My almost Perfect Dinner

Well; yesterday I did a huge diner with very special friends! They helped me when I need it the most so my way to say THANK YOU to them was coking =D

My husband and I we were so stressed out cause is the very 1st time we invite someone to dinner since we moved Out! So Inspired in a french tv programm called "Une dînée presque parfaite"  we prepare a good menu to impress our guests. LOL
The starter was Tartare au Saumon in creme fraîche au citron with avocado, paplemouse, kiwis, mango and shrimps.. Its very easy to do and light.
The main dish was Duck Tournadeau with Potatoes à la Sarladaise (French region)
Very good wine and champagne too! I let my hubby chose the drinks cause he is French and I dont know anything about champagne. But advise ladies: theres some wine shops were u can get some advise from the Someliers!!

Desert (My favorite part) was a chocolate mille feuilles  and tea!! Yumm

This dinner was special cause we use for the 1st time our old fashion british china and our Shabby style couverts and tea pot!!

Take a look and if u like them leave a comment.

ps: The knifes are Laguiole (well knowed french blade) and they are vintage! I l<3ve the colors

Bon appétit!

Tuesday, 9 August 2011

I promise to....

Hello Hello

Once, I thought tht having a blog was very easy! A real piece of cake.
Since I started the blog (not a long time ago) I've being struggling with the fact that I dont know what to write.. Yeeezz§ This is the very first time this happens to me cause if you all know me , I do have always something to say!

I'm not a smart mouth as people may think..But I enjoy talking, that's why Im a Communication Consultant.
Now, comparing my poor posts and my little but very little blog againts your "U all blog experts" I feel incredibly intimidate.

Before I wasnt very good with the computer, in  fact I was terrible.. The time went by and I was forced to keep up with the technology and the social media. You must be thinking what kind of communication mayor hates technology ... Well, ME!! or at least I was.
Nowadays I feel happy cause I've learned so much with my husband (tech lover) and also with the TUTORIALS!!... Yes I love Tutos cause I understand them better and I love the Idea of people posting them to help someone like me!

With these all being said ta ta ta tannnn I PROMISE TO WORK ON MY BLOG!

I need some help so If you have any advise please feel free and leave a comment!

Bye bye for now!