Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Garance Doré c'est Classique!

Garance Doré
Being Paris the capital of fashion, lights lovers and all what people love to say about this city, I must to admit that the streets of this old Paris have kind of a charm.

Bennn oui, as we say in French is something difficult to explain and you have to see it or maybe feel it to understand it.

Me personally, I came here for the language.. Cliché I know but even if they insult you.. It sounds cute! LOL
Fashion or as I like to call it “personal own perception of style” is unlimited in Paris streets.. reckless, tight, clean & cut, funky, rocker, zaggy, sporty, sexy, glam, weird, gothic… enfin they have it all.

I’m a blogger rookie but I love to read and check peoples blog, so I ran into C’est Classique, step two read it, step 3 follow! Done.
One of the blogger suggest Garance Doré.. soooo, I’m curious and Voilà.. I love her site.. The French, the photos, the illustration, everything is beautiful!

Bravo Garance..  ton blog est  Doré dans la mesure exacte!  

Bracelet Time

After I did my frienship necklace following the Honestlty WTF tutorial, I realise that is so easy and fun killing time doing some handcraft jewerly so I gave the bracelets a try.

 Look of the day

This Fall the colors are gorgeous. That yellow mustard, the burn orange and that blue difficult to explain where my inspiration. Couleurs terre as we say in France are the IT trends this season so lets be prepare cause the leaves will start to  Fall!

Here a lil pic of my humble creations and 3 fall look it worth to try out!

Love from the city of the amoureux,


Friday, 2 September 2011

I did IT

Hello =D

I'm soooo happy cause I did my first freinship necklace as with the honestlywtf tutorial! Wayyy to easy..
Let me tell you about my experience.. I started a little bit slow you know to control a bit the technique but it will be faster little by little.
A little tip, try to avoid the gaps. pull a little bit up the color strings so theres not white spaces and the colors completely uniform.
For the little details you can custom your own necklace, maube instead of metal rings you want flowers or even a broche.

Once you start doing it, tons of ideas will come to your head so let ur imagination fly and do some new projects!

I have the idea to do my own earrings with a buch of little pearls I saved when one of my bracelets broke.. I went to buy the jewerly stems (so cheap) and grab one of my husbands tongs and Voilà!! my brand new earings.

If you want that I post the DIY let me know!!