Monday, 29 August 2011

Brand new Agenda

Hello Folks

As you all might know the school period just started! oh yes in Paris all the mother and kids are everywhere... but is kind of nice cause you feel the energy and is contagious, so my I went with the hub to buy some books, colors, tapes and paper..
Ohhh no I'm not in school but I just need so many things to craft.. =D I can spend hours!

Looking around for some random useful stuff I saw the agenda. Oh yes I like to have one, since I've learned how to use it properly I can say I feel more organised.. maybe BS but I like to think it that way LOL
With the imminent departure of the Hubs during 6 big months I thought I have to  keep my head and hands busy so I've tracked down some DIY
 For those who are interested in jewerly or decoraton stuff you should check out HonestlyWTF they have great tutorials for amazing ^fashion styles.

I will get busy with the friendship bracelets cause is summer in Paris and colors are my gulty pleasure.
By the way, Im redoing my blog little by little, so get ready cause soon you sill see my new corner... I'm so excited.

Au revoir les amies!!

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