Thursday, 11 August 2011

My almost Perfect Dinner

Well; yesterday I did a huge diner with very special friends! They helped me when I need it the most so my way to say THANK YOU to them was coking =D

My husband and I we were so stressed out cause is the very 1st time we invite someone to dinner since we moved Out! So Inspired in a french tv programm called "Une dînée presque parfaite"  we prepare a good menu to impress our guests. LOL
The starter was Tartare au Saumon in creme fraîche au citron with avocado, paplemouse, kiwis, mango and shrimps.. Its very easy to do and light.
The main dish was Duck Tournadeau with Potatoes à la Sarladaise (French region)
Very good wine and champagne too! I let my hubby chose the drinks cause he is French and I dont know anything about champagne. But advise ladies: theres some wine shops were u can get some advise from the Someliers!!

Desert (My favorite part) was a chocolate mille feuilles  and tea!! Yumm

This dinner was special cause we use for the 1st time our old fashion british china and our Shabby style couverts and tea pot!!

Take a look and if u like them leave a comment.

ps: The knifes are Laguiole (well knowed french blade) and they are vintage! I l<3ve the colors

Bon appétit!

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