Monday, 27 June 2011


Morning ladies!

Well, I must say that I'm very sorry I haven't being around here a lot, but you cannot beleive how much work I have in the office write now!
Honestly sometimes I wish I could only scrapbook and design all day long, and that the money were enough to pay the bills, the house, the weddinag and more, but reality is another one.
Ok let me tell you a little what I've being doing! I had a Job interview and it went great(Thank God) they asked me weird questions but at the end We end up laughing and cool cause I've got the Job =D
I'm very happy about it cause little by little I move forward to achieve all my goals.
I've being doing some logo's too! Barbara from Barbara's crafty corner asked me one and I must say the result was great =D It was so her and happy that I was very proud to do something it really reflects the person desires .
Ohhh about the wedding not everything has been great Tho! We applied to do our civil wedding in a beautiful "Marie" (city hall)  and they declined our petition, that brought me down a little bit cause I was hopping to have those beautifull pictures in my dream day...I will figure out something so if you have some advices hit me up!
Don't think everything is being that Bad.. I've found my wedding dress and is so beautifull and simple that i love it! I never thought this day will come but now that I'm preparing it,  everything  seems unreal =D
I need some support and cheers up mates so I really trust you all will help me to pass this rough path. Maybe I'm scared or I'm loosing motivation, but I'm ready to fight back the problems.

Love you all!

Tuesday, 14 June 2011


Hi my dear and faithfull few readers!
I've being so busy thatworking in designs and logos that it must being very complicated for me to post something.
But voila im doing it right now at least to tell you that I'm very happy with the very positive response everyone gave me about my work. Little tear comming down =D
I've opened a new little store in facebook and my paypal account is up ! So I'm ready to take orders and I will really appreciate if YOU help me to get some clients, It's a lot to ask but I feel very encourage! I've being proving myself through all this process cause before I thought that I wasnt good enough! Now I CAN DO IT!
I'm starting my little own business and people likes it!

Love you all really!


Monday, 6 June 2011

Is all about Happiness Fella's

Good Morning Sunshines!

Ohh how I love to hear that every morning, you know is like open your eyes and the first thing you see and here is a piece of Happiness. You might think "Ohh how naïve" but let me tell you something, even if I don't receive my little dose of happiness every morning, when I do I challenge the world with my biggest Smile =D

Did I told you I went to the beach this weekend?? ... I will tell you all about. France is a very beautiful country, no doubts about it, but when it comes to beach definition is very different of the beach I grew up, ok ok ok!! no everyone has the luck to have sand under the feet and that wave crush sound. I never thought that I'll miss so much the beach til' now. My home and that blue turquoise water was my piece of Happiness!

Séné is a very beautiful little village from the Nord-West of France, Charming place, kind people, great food and fisherman's town.. Ohhh and amazing Cider! Les bretons how we called them,  are one very strong celtic culture, strong temper, humble and in constant celebration mood. The sea, boats and fishing is their life, so I feel Bretonne arggggg (pirate voice) LOL 

If you have the chance, come and stop by in Séné or Vannes, one of the treasures of France, it worth it, and is not very expensive. The contrast between the woods, the end of the gulf, killer sunsets, and the Atlantic makes of the village a fairy tale!

I've toked some pictures and I will start to scrapbook them!
As you know fellas, Is all about the happiness, and lucky me I've found One... Do you find yours?

With my pirate voice, a hook in the hand and a parrot in my shoulder,
See you next time !

Shabby Tricks

Wednesday, 1 June 2011


Hi There!

I hope someone reads my blog but if don't, this is my way out from the horrible routine of wake up, get dressed, take the train, work work work as an assistant, eat, take the train again, make the dinner and if I get Lucky will watch a movie with my hubby! Bon C'est la vie!

Today I'm very happy cause i finish my exams and finally moving up. Also I'm very thankfull for those who trust me and order some monograms, means the world to me guys!! =D so don't hesitate to comment or post a picture. 

I'm gonna get my things done and start to create some monograms, logo's and cards so stayed tuned and if you have any request SPEAK OUT cause only for the 10 first order me  something it will be free =)

Have a wonderful and creative day!