Monday, 30 May 2011

New Project


Have you ever had the feeling that U must to renew yourself or at least do something new.. I'm sure everyone had one of those moments!!
Thats why I've decided to follow my intuition and develop something of what i can be proud of! :) Hurray!

I'm quite good doing scrapbook and I've started not knowing exactly what was all about, I've always thought that some color, glitter, bows and stickers make a photo looks better... Bahh oui that's how I used to think. Now that I did some research in the web I realised that the Scrapbook World is HUGE, and there's so many talented people doing it for different reasons, maybe for fun or to have a getaway from all the stress but for me the thing is the fun and the attention, love and care that I put to every project.
Now I'm a lil short of money and I'm getting married in December!! I knoww pals, No money + Wedding it's a nightmare, but at least I can say that was the trigger.. Now I'm very proud to infome that I'm doing the invitations, RSVP, Menus and Monograms for my own wedding and they are Gorgeous!!! 

So dear reader, If I have one LOL, if you want that I do that for U, or if you need a sample of my work, don't hesitate and write me a Facebook message or post ur comment here and I'll be glad to do it for U.

See you All!

Tricks! <3

Saturday, 7 May 2011

and finally I've said ... Let's give it a try!!

1st thought... (Triks it has to be a smart one)  

Of course, I'm as usually with a blank space between what should I think, say and in this special case What should I write??
I think I should start with the date so, 1st post 7/5/2011.. For the record, cause maybe if you already know me you certainly know that I forget Everything.. But it's not that bad cause probably if you are my friend and U did something stupid or simply wrong, don't panic, be cool cause in fact I just forgot it...

Bahh oui (very french expresion) I know that forgetting things it's not very good, but at least it allows me to renew myself (U know what i mean??) 

Yesterday i had a bunch great things to say, even I was s excited to start my new blog, but its incredible how everything can change all the sudden with a bad news.

I haven't define yet what my blog topic will be, but I can assure you I will find it... Maybe personal, maybe professional or maybe a lil' be random like me... But this is My Start...

A handful of Shabby Tricks