Tuesday, 16 August 2011

I must climb up the hill

Hello there =D

Firstable i must say, I must to climb this hill!! The BLOG hill of course!
So it starts with the fact I'm taking some3D vectorial classes.. yes I know, sounds very complicated but I must to admit I'm fascinated with the Idea. Yesterday was a kinda holliday in France so my teacher called me to see if I wanted to come over and buy some extra time. I was so excited that I said yes!

My hubs was cool with it and even made me like a lunch bag with some french fantastic cheese called Cantal and some cereal traditional bread from Bretagne! Mmmmm I must say it was a dreamed lunch.
So I'm doing some progress with the design and I'm not that bad with the code stuff, so I was thinking to create my own blog layout... ALL OF IT

I already did mu blog header wich I'm very proud of but is the construction of my layout that makes me curious.. so im doing some research to figure it out! I'll keep you posted.

Changing the subject I've found "The Perfect Palette blog" is fantastic, I think she had the courage to develop an idea that for me was only a way to see things. Im a color dreamer, cause for me life looks better dresser in color and what's better than being dressed with the perfect color palette. So dear friends if you have the time go and check her website.

In the meantime my friends I'll keep trying to climb up this whole BLOG hill till I learn how to realise my dreams.

See you soon! bx

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