Tuesday, 9 August 2011

I promise to....

Hello Hello

Once, I thought tht having a blog was very easy! A real piece of cake.
Since I started the blog (not a long time ago) I've being struggling with the fact that I dont know what to write.. Yeeezz§ This is the very first time this happens to me cause if you all know me , I do have always something to say!

I'm not a smart mouth as people may think..But I enjoy talking, that's why Im a Communication Consultant.
Now, comparing my poor posts and my little but very little blog againts your "U all blog experts" I feel incredibly intimidate.

Before I wasnt very good with the computer, in  fact I was terrible.. The time went by and I was forced to keep up with the technology and the social media. You must be thinking what kind of communication mayor hates technology ... Well, ME!! or at least I was.
Nowadays I feel happy cause I've learned so much with my husband (tech lover) and also with the TUTORIALS!!... Yes I love Tutos cause I understand them better and I love the Idea of people posting them to help someone like me!

With these all being said ta ta ta tannnn I PROMISE TO WORK ON MY BLOG!

I need some help so If you have any advise please feel free and leave a comment!

Bye bye for now!



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