Saturday, 23 July 2011


Hello Fellow Scrappers!

In fact I've being very worried about a lot of things happening arround me!
My Fiance is mooving away for work during 6 month, I've missed my sisters preagnancy and deliver, My little sister mooving away, New work, I dont know if i can hadle pto pay the house all by myself and bla bla bla..

Do you really think I have some inspiration left to create new things??? :(

I dont know if is the timing or that myVisa is about to expire or even if Im getting way too nerveuse about my wedding.. the thing is that everything seems to crumble and I'm not sure what I suppose to do.

Help me friends to get some insipartion and also give me some advise.
Im not a quitter but this time my head is about to explode.

Bisous for Paris!!

A bientôt!

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