Monday, 27 June 2011


Morning ladies!

Well, I must say that I'm very sorry I haven't being around here a lot, but you cannot beleive how much work I have in the office write now!
Honestly sometimes I wish I could only scrapbook and design all day long, and that the money were enough to pay the bills, the house, the weddinag and more, but reality is another one.
Ok let me tell you a little what I've being doing! I had a Job interview and it went great(Thank God) they asked me weird questions but at the end We end up laughing and cool cause I've got the Job =D
I'm very happy about it cause little by little I move forward to achieve all my goals.
I've being doing some logo's too! Barbara from Barbara's crafty corner asked me one and I must say the result was great =D It was so her and happy that I was very proud to do something it really reflects the person desires .
Ohhh about the wedding not everything has been great Tho! We applied to do our civil wedding in a beautiful "Marie" (city hall)  and they declined our petition, that brought me down a little bit cause I was hopping to have those beautifull pictures in my dream day...I will figure out something so if you have some advices hit me up!
Don't think everything is being that Bad.. I've found my wedding dress and is so beautifull and simple that i love it! I never thought this day will come but now that I'm preparing it,  everything  seems unreal =D
I need some support and cheers up mates so I really trust you all will help me to pass this rough path. Maybe I'm scared or I'm loosing motivation, but I'm ready to fight back the problems.

Love you all!

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