Wednesday, 1 June 2011


Hi There!

I hope someone reads my blog but if don't, this is my way out from the horrible routine of wake up, get dressed, take the train, work work work as an assistant, eat, take the train again, make the dinner and if I get Lucky will watch a movie with my hubby! Bon C'est la vie!

Today I'm very happy cause i finish my exams and finally moving up. Also I'm very thankfull for those who trust me and order some monograms, means the world to me guys!! =D so don't hesitate to comment or post a picture. 

I'm gonna get my things done and start to create some monograms, logo's and cards so stayed tuned and if you have any request SPEAK OUT cause only for the 10 first order me  something it will be free =)

Have a wonderful and creative day!


  1. Just became a follower!! Would love a monogram!

  2. Became a follower and looking forward to those monograms! ... :) TFS an can't wait to see your creations too!