Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Garance Doré c'est Classique!

Garance Doré
Being Paris the capital of fashion, lights lovers and all what people love to say about this city, I must to admit that the streets of this old Paris have kind of a charm.

Bennn oui, as we say in French is something difficult to explain and you have to see it or maybe feel it to understand it.

Me personally, I came here for the language.. Cliché I know but even if they insult you.. It sounds cute! LOL
Fashion or as I like to call it “personal own perception of style” is unlimited in Paris streets.. reckless, tight, clean & cut, funky, rocker, zaggy, sporty, sexy, glam, weird, gothic… enfin they have it all.

I’m a blogger rookie but I love to read and check peoples blog, so I ran into C’est Classique, step two read it, step 3 follow! Done.
One of the blogger suggest Garance Doré.. soooo, I’m curious and Voilà.. I love her site.. The French, the photos, the illustration, everything is beautiful!

Bravo Garance..  ton blog est  Doré dans la mesure exacte!  

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