Saturday, 7 May 2011

and finally I've said ... Let's give it a try!!

1st thought... (Triks it has to be a smart one)  

Of course, I'm as usually with a blank space between what should I think, say and in this special case What should I write??
I think I should start with the date so, 1st post 7/5/2011.. For the record, cause maybe if you already know me you certainly know that I forget Everything.. But it's not that bad cause probably if you are my friend and U did something stupid or simply wrong, don't panic, be cool cause in fact I just forgot it...

Bahh oui (very french expresion) I know that forgetting things it's not very good, but at least it allows me to renew myself (U know what i mean??) 

Yesterday i had a bunch great things to say, even I was s excited to start my new blog, but its incredible how everything can change all the sudden with a bad news.

I haven't define yet what my blog topic will be, but I can assure you I will find it... Maybe personal, maybe professional or maybe a lil' be random like me... But this is My Start...

A handful of Shabby Tricks

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